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Zucchini is another versatile and tasty food on SCD. Steamed or baked zucchini is easy to digest so it is one of the first vegetables recommended. The zucchini should be peeled until a more advanced stage is reached. Zucchini is often a pasta or noodle substitute

Here are several popular uses:

  • As a vegetable - Cut thick slices on the diagonal and steam.
  • As a noodle - Cut in long thin slices, steam then lay out on a rack to remove excess moisture (or bake on low heat for a while). Now you have made flat noodles that can be put into a lasagne or similar dish.
  • As spaghetti - Do you miss twirling something on your fork? Using a spiralizer you can make spaghetti or linguini size zucchini strands. Spiralize, saute or steam and serve under your favorite sauce. A top rated, reasonably priced spiralizer is the "World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer." Available on Amazon.com.
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