Unflavored Gelatin

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Unflavored gelatin is a very handy, beneficial ingredient for those on SCD.

Unflavored gelatin has many uses. Here are some:

  • Combined with fruit juice, etc. to make SCD allowable jello.
  • Used to make aspics (meat, vegetable or fruit), which are tasty summer dishes.
  • Coat and soothes the lining of our digestive tract. Add a packet or two of unflavored gelatin to soups, stews and sauces to help heal your gut and boost nutritional value while helping to thicken the recipe.
  • Provide an excellent source of protein. Many people take gelatin regularly to improve the strength of their fingernails. Unflavored gelatin can be added to a hot drink to boost protein.
  • Increase the thickness when added to yogurt. With non-dairy yogurt, the gelatin can be added before processing. With dairy yogurt, gelatin should be added after processing to ensure that the starter bacteria completely process the lactose. See Yogurt for details about using gelatin in yogurt.
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