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The safest method for making tomato sauce on SCD is to buy a bunch of tomatoes and cook them down. However, many of us have time constraints and want to use ready made tomato products.

Many stews start with tomato sauce or tomato paste. Cento tomato products are SCD allowable per the files of the BTVC-SCD group. Also, products from Italy have stricter labeling rules than the USA. Some SCDieters use allowable brands of tomato juice for tomato sauce.

Caution, when things are made from concentrate, the manufacturer may not know that a starch was used or is in the concentrate.

There is talk on the BTVC-SCD group that Muir Glen products are okay despite the lack of a legal letter; however, this rumor must refer only to the canned products. Wendy has noticed that the Muir Glen products in glass jars list sugar as an ingredient.

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