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Permitted Teas

Everyone delights in a nice cup of hot tea. Weak tea is permitted on SCD, and can be consumed hot or cold or poured over ice. If desired, sweeten with honey or saccharine, or use a little lemon juice. Do not add sugar, milk or cream.

These types of teas are permitted for use on SCD:

  • black
  • green
  • white
  • ginger
  • peppermint
  • spearmint

What BTVC Says

Chapter 9 of Breaking the vicious cycle discusses allowed beverages. Summarized from page 56 of the 2002 printing: weak tea without milk or cream is permitted; some herb teas can be laxative, restrict the use of herb teas to peppermint and spearmint. Instant tea is not permitted.

Elaine's website, http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info, also mentions that ginger tea is allowed if you make it yourself.

What to look for when choosing a tea

Tea is made from many kinds of plants. The trick here is to avoid a tea that contains any polysaccharides. Plain or single-ingredient black, green or white teas are fine to use but always check that there are not other ingredients added in the particular brand you are considering purchasing. Teas with ingredients labeled "natural flavor" should always be avoided because one does not know just what a "natural flavor" is. It may not even be a food.

Instant tea is not allowed because it may contain or been processed with unknown chemicals.

Decaffeinated Tea

The major concern with finding decaffeinated tea in a store is that one does not know what chemicals were used in the decaffeinating process. These chemicals may include SCD illegal substances or create distress for your digestive system.

A nifty technique to make your own decaffeinated tea takes advantage of the fact that caffeine is water soluble.

Pour the hot water into a cup with the tea. Let it brew for a full minute. Then dump that cup out but keep the tea bag. The caffeine comes out of the tea bag faster than the tea flavor. Throwing out the first cup is supposed to get rid of most the caffeine. Then, using the same tea bag or the same infusion spoon, pour a second cup to drink. You have made your very own decaffeinated tea that you can more fully enjoy, knowing that there were no unidentified or iffy chemicals used in the process.

Herbal Teas

Peppermint, spearmint and ginger are herbal teas that Elaine approved. It is best to make your own teas from these three herbs. The rest of the herbal teas are not approved until someone researches them to determine if they contain polysaccharides or have other problems. Elaine did not have the time to research the many herbal teas and cautions that some herb teas can have a laxative effect.

Bark or Root teas are not SCD legal because they contain polysaccharides. Ginger is the exception as it is usually well tolerated.

Slippery Elm tea is not SCD legal. as it is a mucilaginous herb. Mucilaginous herbs are loaded with starch (polysaccharides). This starch is food for the pathogens that the SCD is designed to starve out.

Camomile tea is not permitted.

Ginger tea: simmer fresh peeled ginger in water for a few minutes, strain and drink or just let the ginger steep in the cup of boiled water.

Ginger Ale - Marilyn posted this recipe in the Yahoo group BTVC-SCD for making your own SCD legal ginger ale.   Brew a strong ginger tea, sweeten it with a little honey and chill it. When ready to drink, add chilled, sparkling water (permissible on SCD) and you have a nice glass of SCD legal ginger ale.

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