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Success Stories In Our Own Words

These are posted success stories in the words of the SCD user as much as possible. Edits have been made only to maintain anonymity to respect privacy, correct spelling, clarify context or to condense a longer post.

Are you wondering if all this effort is worth it? Do you have a hope of actually getting better and being able to eat more than a handful of foods? Let us share some success stories:

  • I am so much better. I was so sick this time last year. I couldn't even carry our laundry up and down the stairs. I was afraid of leaving the house because I was literally running to the bathroom every hour. I don't ever want to go back to that sick person I was a year ago.
  • I can legitimately say that I might not be alive today if not for SCD. I was so tired, and so depressed, and so sick of not being able to even go out for a movie without coming home with smelly, stained trousers. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Since SCD, I've traveled all over including by plane. I couldn't have done that without SCD. I like the food and I like the way I feel while eating SCD. SCD has given me my life back. SCD has put ME in control of my guts.
  • I have been on the SCDiet for 7 years and would not eat any other way. I love the food that I eat. Without the SCDiet, I could not digest many foods and was not absorbing nutrients properly.
  • Overall I am so pleased with the diet, it has given me my health back.
  • The SCD health group site it has helped me beyond words!"
  • SCD has been a lifesaver.
  • We need SCD to live on.
  • Where doctors failed SCD prevailed!
  • SCD has helped my 7 year old get off all medications except LDN. I don't know what I'd do without it.
  • SCD has been wonderful!

Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

  • I began SCD after I had just been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had up to 25 b ms a day, with blood and mucous, severe urgency, diarrhea, and a lot of pain. I was lethargic, managing only essential tasks and neglecting everything else - I would fall asleep whenever I sat down. I was very unhappy. I felt hungry all the time and was gaining weight despite the diarrhea. On SCD, my B M's are down to one or two a day with no diarrhea, pain, blood or mucous, and manageable urgency. My energy level is almost back to normal and my mood is upbeat. The SCD cooking is no harder to do than regular stuff - it is just a case of finding recipes with legal ingredients that I can eat at present or substituting for them.
  • I have been on SCD almost 3 years. The colonoscopy and the biopsy were normal this time- no evidence of colitis. I started crying when I heard this. Like everyone here- I made mistakes.. overcooked the yogurt, spilled the yogurt, bought the wrong product, spent hours at first crying in my kitchen and feeling like nobody understood me except the people on this (Yahoo BTVC) board. Now, except for the cooler of SCD food that follows me when I go out, life feels gratefully normal and now the cooler feels normal too. I would encourage everyone to hang in there with SCD and give it your best effort. I hope someday that SCD will get the recognition and research it deserves and that, like with diabetes, diet becomes an accepted and important part of managing GI issues. I am so grateful for SCD.
  • I just wanted to share with everyone that I have stopped taking all medicines for UC and am doing GREAT! Normal B M's - not just normal like post-flare, but normal as in pre-UC! Thank you Elaine for writing the book and thank you all the "veterans" that answer questions from newbies just starting out on SCD (Yahoo BTVC group), provide recipes, and support. I feel better than I have in years.
  • I was diagnosed with moderately severe UC. I was going to the bathroom day and night. My doctor told me that diet did not matter. Fortunately, I found out about the BTVC book and ordered it. The worst symptoms abated soon after starting the diet. SCD has given me my life back again and I have never felt better. In fact, I have more energy than I ever had.
  • My daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 5. She also has food allergies, asthma and seasonal allergies. I was determined to find a way to keep my daughter from having to take any more medications or have her colon removed. I stumbled upon the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which my daughter and I started. Within six months of starting SCD, my daughter was able to wean off eye medication she took for the uveitis. Her asthma has almost completely stopped being a concern. Pre-SCD, she used her puffer several times a month, but she's only used it twice in the last 10 months! This spring has been billed as one of the worst allergy seasons, but she hasn't needed any allergy medicine. She used to take one pill per day for seasonal allergies. Fourteen months after starting SCD, my daughter had a fabulous GI check-up. My daughter still has a ways to go, but her doctor couldn't believe how she has improved since starting the diet.

Crohn's Disease (CD)

  • I've been SCD for 3+ years and have been in remission for 2 of them. I still eat SCD because I don't want to end up where I was pre-SCD. So many of my problems have been resolved! My fistulas healed, my fissures healed, no more constipation, no more cramping and bleeding during B Ms, my seasonal allergies are much improved, my eczema healed, my acid reflux is gone, and I was able to stop taking Humira. The only thing that hasn't completely improved is fatigue, although it is better then it was pre-SCD. I'm so grateful for SCD everyday, it really turned my life around :-).
  • Well, I have been on SCD for a year. WHAT A YEAR! I started SCD 2 days after being diagnosed with Crohn's (and later with Pan-colitis). On the day of the diagnosis, I was 6 months pregnant and I was terrified. My cousin almost died from Crohn's, but was saved by SCD. As soon as my mom heard my diagnosis, she sent me the BTVC book and told me that I HAD to do the diet if I wanted to heal and be a good mom. I was determined to get better for my growing baby and my two other girlies who depend on me. A year later, I can't believe how great I feel! I have NO IBD symptoms. I have met so many IBD folks along the way who are not on SCD and it is awful to hear how they struggle constantly with their health. My success on SCD is due to my fanatical adherence and the constant support from the BTVC-SCD yahoo list serve.
  • My son recently had a colonoscopy and barium x-ray after 4 years on the SCD and he has been told that all looks normal! This is fantastic news for us! At the start, the pictures showed extensive ulceration and he was no longer responding to treatment. Four years later he says that it was the best decision he's ever made. He still has good days and bad days, but the bad days are nothing like they used to be and are far less frequent - in fact, he would now describe them as 'slightly off' days! His weight has normalized and his energy and zest for life has amazed us all!
  • Hi everyone! Just want to share that my daughter's CRP, Sed Rate, and Hematocrit were completely normal this week for the first time since her diagnosis of CD in January!! She has been on SCD since then (with only one slip up one weekend in March), and LDN since mid-Feb. No other meds, in spite of a MAJOR push by the first doctors to start 6MP. This has NOT been an easy road for me or my daughter, but you all have helped us so much!!! We could not have done it without you!!! THANK YOU!!!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

  • I have hit my 1 year anniversary on SCD, I am so much better! I am looking forward to expanding my food into more legal food as time goes by. I don't think I ever want to chance going illegal. When I see sugary treats now, it looks like poison to me. In the past I have tried elimination diet, journaling, Heather's diet, acupuncture, massage, a naturopath, regular doctors, various OTC products etc. My problems were diarrhea, urgency, frequency, malabsorption, bloating, gas and pain. I also had a lot of anxiety due to always needing a close bathroom and restricted my life accordingly. I used to go 5 to 8 times a day; now 1 to 3. My daily afternoon painful bloating is gone. The evening foul gas is gone. Anxiety is reduced. My healing path was typical with little bit of healing followed by a flare (so depressing!). My goal is to be able to eat all the legal food. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
  • I have only been on the diet for a year and a half for IBS that I had been diagnosed with in 1984, but the improvement is grand! Before the diet at any time in a 24 hour period (even awakened in the night from a deep sleep)I could suddenly be hit with abdominal cramps that would double me over and I couldn't move or breathe until it let up - making a trip to the closest bathroom with explosive diarrhea. I still have episodes occasionally but compared to the pre-diet stage I am so much better - if I do have a bout of diarrhea I usually do not have the severe cramping. When reading Breaking the Vicious Cycle, at first I thought there is no way - but it is do-able - just depends on how much you are willing to do to improve your gut. Hope this helps someone who is debating on whether or not to try the diet - - just do it! Try it to see if SCD helps you - SCD beats cramps and constant diarrhea.
  • Since I came out of hospital one month ago (from oral surgery), I have found myself reading a lot of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Blogs/Twitter/Facebook etc. I have read about the struggles, pain and suffering of so many people with IBD (Crohns, UC, IBS etc.)I have read about medications and surgeries. I have read about debilitated lives and lost hopes and dreams. I have read fighting words from people who want a cure for the devastation these diseases have wrought on their lives. I have read their inspirational words and seen their inspirational pictures encouraging others to keep on fighting against their IBD. I have read of the lives of adolescents, young adults and older folk, all suffering. There's only one thing that's different between the people I have been reading about and me. I found the SCD when I needed it. After 22 months on SCD my old self has returned. I can work; be a wife and mother; exercise; care for my house and garden, pursue my dreams and imagine my life as a healthy grandmother loving my grandchildren to be. I do so hope that each and every one of the people I read about might one day also find the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.


  • So far, so good, thanks to being on SCD and being super careful with my SCD foods. I am doing a whole lot better than other patients with Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. My gastroenterologist is amazed, and shows me off to his interns and other hospital residents when I have an appointment with him. I just wish he gave SCD more of the credit, although he is one of the few doctors I have met who acknowledges diet is important, especially if you have Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction where there is little to do beyond avoiding certain foods. I am so thankful I found SCD and learned so much about nutrition and digestion in the process. Helps me cope.
  • I started SCDiet to help me deal with head fog, fatigue, and general brain function. I have been diagnosed with Narcolepsy about 4 years now and SCD is one of my many successful treatments. I wouldn't mind eating like this forever because I feel I've made so much progress as a result of a healthier gut. Like almost everyone else here I have taken two steps forward and one step back throughout my learning about my individual system in conjunction with the diet. I have never really experienced diarrhea but I can tell things are not working out too well when I get loose stools, a lot of stomach gargling, gas, belching, hick-ups, and bloating. Brain function-wise I'm still doing pretty good.
  • Our son has responded very well to SCD. Beginning around 4 months, his day consisted of screaming over lights/sounds/movement, hitting his head on soft surfaces and other spectrum behaviors. Sandy, diarrhea stools daily. He was non-verbal. He vomited with all formulas. At 3 he still did not feed himself and had tantrums and screaming at every meal. All methods of helping him to be calm at mealtime were tried. Nothing worked! We started SCD. INTRO was 3 days with lethargy/fever the entire time. Day 3 he fed himself for the 1st time in his life. He DID NOT tantrum. Day 5 he said his 1st spontaneous word and language grew from there. Sandy stools stopped immediately and he was out of daytime diapers in a few months and using the potty. His various blood and stool test results are great with the SCDiet and enzymes alone. His language skills have soared and he will go to special ed school this year. SCD ROCKS and everyone needs to give it a try. Our whole family always feel better when we have an SCD meal too!

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