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Squash is a somewhat advanced food but when you can tolerate it, squash is versatile and a tasty starch substitute. All types of squash are permitted.

Butternut squash is useful as a vegetable. Cooked squash can be pureed to use to thicken soups, stews and sauces.

Pureed, cooked butternut squash can be mixed with nut flours and/or coconut flour for bread, baking, muffin and pancake recipes.

An easy and nice way to make butternut squash - Do not peel it. Cut it the long way and scoop out the seeds. A one piece ice cream scoop works well to scoop the seeds. Put some water in a baking pan, place the squash cut side down in it and prick the skin a few times with a sharp fork. Bake at 350 degrees F until tender (about an hour). Serve in a long dish open side up in the peel and let people scoop out their own serving or you can scoop out the squash and serve in a dish.

If you are in a hurry, a quicker way to make butternut squash is to peel it (a peeler with the blade perpendicular to the handle works best here). Slice in one half inch rings, remove and discard the seeds, place the slices in a double boiler or steamer and steam the squash until tender. Steaming takes a few minutes. Test with a fork until the desired amount of softness is achieved.

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