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Those Who Love to Cook

Some people love to cook and are very good at it. When they found that they had to cook with SCD, they were inspired to do more of what they loved. They expanded their already deep knowledge of food and food preparation processes. They became the authors of SCD cookbooks. They generously posted delicious and creative SCD recipes on-line to share dishes that imitate the flavors of a forbidden dish.

Their motto is "Make it yourself." Their kitchen is full of serious food preparation equipment and they like to make large batches. They own a separate freezer. They advise to us to save time by cooking in large quantities. For example, make four roasts at a time, slice with an electric slicer, weigh into portions (4 ounces for lunch, 6 ounces for dinner), label and freeze. They make large batches of yogurt and put some of it in small plastic containers and freeze so that there are always SCD yogurt ingredients at the ready. They bake four loaves of bread at a time and then go into production, slicing and freezing for sandwiches and dehydrating a large batch of crackers. They do not hesitate to make complex, multi-step recipes that has all their equipment running. This is the mode that works well for them.

Cooking for the Rest of Us

We are all on SCD because we have a digestive problem and we cook because we need to have 100% control the ingredients in our food. Some of us may not like to cook. Some of us lack experience. We may be unfamiliar with cooking from scratch. We may not have a separate freezer nor have any room to put one. We may not own a lot of kitchen equipment. We may have a small oven in a small kitchen in a small apartment and we are restricted to doing SCD within this limitation.

We may have other obligations such as child care or parent care. We may work full or part-time. Our stage of healing may severely limit what SCD foods we can tolerate at the moment. We may not particularly care for prepared food that has been frozen. We need to keep things simple.

Written from the point of view of cooking for necessity, this section will provide some quick, easy and delicious SCD recipes that use minimal equipment and as little preparation as possible. We will try to streamline as much as possible, including the shopping.

I Don't Feel Up to Making Yogurt Yet

With SCD, you are getting rid of the bad bacteria. It is good to replace them and take up the space with beneficial ones. We suggest that you get a bottle of acidophilus capsules and store it in the refrigerator. Take several capsules a day for good probiotics without yogurt. Many on SCD always have a bottle of acidophilus capsules in the freezer to use if they run out of yogurt, to use in the office, when traveling or anytime that they want probiotics but cannot take their SCD yogurt with you. See Probiotics

No Time to Shop -SCD Yogurt From Powdered Milk

One can make yogurt with many kinds of milk. See Yogurt. However, we don't always have time to get to the store for fresh milk. We might have had a very busy week and suddenly find ourselves running short of SCD yogurt. Between the 24 hour processing time plus the eight hour refrigeration time, we need to get started on our new batch right away. If you keep powdered milk on hand, (especially handy is if it has been packaged in sealed quart envelopes), you always have a supply of milk available for times when you need to start making yogurt right away but cannot get to the store.

Plan to start your yogurt at the time of day when you are usually home. Wendy is usually home in the evenings so starts her yogurt after she has cleaned up from dinner at about 7:30 PM. With 24 hour processing, she knows that she will always be home when it is time to put the yogurt in the refrigerator.I

Wendy's Quick Pan Bread

If you need bread in a hurry, here is a versatile and quick, flat bread. In a shallow cereal bowl, put in 3 level tablespoons of almond flour (not packed down), a tablespoon of water and an egg (I use extra large eggs). Stir vigorously with a fork to blend into a batter.

I use an 8 inch teflon pan, spray with PAM or melt a little butter and pour the batter into the pan, (I use the tablespoon to scrape out all the batter from the bowl into the pan). The mixture will spread out and usually bubble a little, like a pancake or crepe. Heat on medium heat. In a minute or two, the top side will not look gooey and that means that the bottom side is cooked. Use a spatula to slide the contents onto a large plate. Use the plate to flip it over back into the pan to cook the other side.

The other side just takes a minute. Slide the contents back onto the plate and put the plate in the refrigerator to cool it down. These can be made the night before. Now there is a round flat bread that can be cut in halves or quarters to add meat, cheese, lettuce or other fillings.

This pan bread is flexible, not stiff, so it is great for wraps or roll ups or to substitute for soft tacos shells. Wrap the sandwich in clear plastic wrap to keep the filling secure.

No Drip Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich

A good, quick SCD hiking sandwich is a variation of the classic peanut butter and jelly. When making the mixture above, add a generous squirt of honey to stir into the batter. Cook as above. You may notice that it tends to brown a little. Cool in refrigerator. Cut in half and spread with allowable brands of peanut butter. You will taste the sweetness of the honey flavor but the honey is embedded in the bread so there is no dripping.

The Quick Gourmet SCD Breakfast

Tired of the same old eggs? Try this. Make the quick pan bread/crepe batter (3 tablespoons of almond flour, 1 tablespoon of water and an egg). Mix up in a shallow bowl with a fork. Just before putting it in the pan, throw in a handful of fresh blueberries. Cook on medium using a plate to help flip the mixture. Serve with a generous dollop of SCD yogurt and/or drizzle with honey.

Variation - Cut up four or five fresh strawberries in a dish. Microwave for about 45 seconds to soften them up and bring out the juices. Pour over the cooked pan bread with or without yogurt and with or without drizzling honey.

Quick Vegetables

On SCD we eat a lot of vegetables. While fresh vegetables are desirable, on SCD we also need a ready, steady, convenient supply of vegetables available all the time. The freezer compartment over the refrigerator is a good place to keep bags of your favorite frozen vegetables from the local supermarket. The vegetables can be put in your microwave cookware and microwaved in an instant to provide vegetables for the table or as ingredients in soups or stews.

Another fast way to make fresh or frozen vegetables is by steaming. An inexpensive insert can be purchased to put in a larger covered pot that lifts the vegetables off the bottom. Steaming can also be done in a double boiler with a steamer insert. See Favorite Food Preparation Equipment An inch or so of water is all that is needed. Put the vegetables in the steamer, bring the water to a boil. The heat can be lowered as you let the steam do the cooking.

Test with a long handled fork in a few minutes for the desired amount of softness. Used caution and consider an oven mitt or pot holder for protection when opening the steamer. Steam is very hot and can cause burns.

Vegetables like string beans, zucchini or cauliflower can be served under a stew or sauce as a starch substitute.

If you are having plain vegetables and need a quick additional flavor, add a dollop of butter, a spoon full of a left over sauce or soup, some SCD salad dressing or a little vinaigrette. Take the spices that are in Italian seasoning, combine with clear vinegar, water and a little olive oil. Shake well. Keep in the refrigerator.

Minimize Standing at the Stove Time - Use a Crock Pot

The crock pot or slow cooker is an inexpensive device that is very handy for those on SCD. Add the ingredients, set it on low and eight hours later, dinner is ready. You do not have to stand over the stove. Most recipes can be adapted to the crock pot and it can cook while you are at work or doing other things. If you use a medium size crock pot, there is typically another yummy meal from the leftovers.

Anyone can use a crock pot. There is no skill needed and no special techniques. If you want to use less cooking time, run it on high for an hour or so before shifting to low. That will cut the eight hours into four or five. Get a loose leaf notebook and make notes of what you do as this will make it easier the next time.

Having a bed of onions in the crock pot is a easy way to get flavor and well cooked onions.

Stews - A New Dish Everyday

Stews can be made in the crock pot or in a big pot on top of the stove. Once you get a good stew going, you can make endless varieties for many meals with the left overs. On day one, throw in a package of carrots, on day two add cauliflower, on day three add string beans, etc. Not enough meat from another dish, throw it in the stew.

One can get some amazing, rich flavors. Stews get better with time. Make a stew and you can eat a variety of nice meals for a week. Also, stews freeze well. Freeze a meal or two for when you do not have time.


When you are at home for a few hours, roasting is an easy, fairly hands off method. After dining on a roast chicken, turkey or lamb, there may be meat for a stew the next day. Nothing need be wasted. Turkey carcasses or other bones can be boiled down for some great soups and broths.

If you are roasting for company who are not on the SCD diet, for an easy side dish for them, take a separate pan and bake potatoes at the same time.

Quick Lunch for the Week

Get a bunch of chicken thighs or drum sticks and place in a roasting pan (skin on or off as you prefer). Season with fresh garlic or garlic granules and paprika. Broil about 12 minutes per side. Check if done by cutting into one to the bone. Store in the refrigerator.

Now you have a batch of cooked chicken to use in a salad or to take with you for lunch. An easy way eat chicken on the go without a fork is to bring each piece in a small baggie. Use the baggie as a holder to keep your fingers clean. Dispose of any bones in the baggie and seal up.

Pour off the juice that was in the broiling pan into a small plastic and refrigerate. It will gel and is a tasty addition to any soup or stew. When it is cool, it is easy to skim the fat off and save it too. It is chicken fat. It freezes well and is easy to use.

Thickening a Sauce on SCD

These are some tips that SCD cooks have posted. They can be used alone and in combination.

  • A dollop of butter
  • Pureed butternut squash
  • Unflavored gelatin (do not add as a powder, dissolve in a small amount of liquid first)
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