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Honey is the only natural sweetener allowed on SCD. It is a popular ingredient in baking and yogurt smoothies. A small amount of honey will process the baking soda in a recipe. See SCD Baking

The best honey is from a local apiary. Filtered honey is recommended to avoid chunks of anything entering our sensitive digestive systems. The pollen that is naturally found in honey is allowed and beneficial but supplements of bee pollen are not allowed.

Honey by itself does not spoil. If it begins to crystallize, place the container in hot water. Use some low heat to heat the water and slowly the honey will re-liquify

To purchase honey in convenient portions for travel or activities such as running, hiking or biking, go to http://www.amazon.com and enter "honey packets" for the Kraft brand 9 gram soft squeezable plastic packets of honey or Kraft brand one half ounce honey cups with peel off tops. Go to http://smuckers.com for Smuckers' brand one half ounce cups of honey with peel off tops sold in quantities of 200 packets per box.

Since there are 28 grams to an ounce, 9 grams is about one third of an ounce and 14 grams is one half an ounce.

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