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You do not need a lot of kitchen gadgets to cook successfully on SCD. We assume that you have access to a basic American kitchen: refrigerator, sink, stove, oven with broiler top and a microwave. It would also be useful to have a mini chopper/grinder (unless you already own a food processor) and a double boiler (although you can fake one by fitting one pot over another.

See the section on yogurt makers in the article on yogurt for the wide variety of devices (including your oven) that can be used to make yogurt. See Yogurt You will also need a kitchen thermometer with a stick probe that runs from about 50 degrees F to 200 degrees F for the yogurt.

Since there are many posts on the list serve asking about kitchen equipment that is useful for SCD, we are listing some favorites here. SCDWiki.com does not receive any paid endorsements for any of the products listed below:



Kitchen Aid 3 Speed Hand Blender. A quick way to puree or grind foods. Easy to clean as the blade can go in the dishwasher. Great for home made soups. The blending jar with lid is a handy accessory. Price range $60 and depends on accessories. There is also a 2 Speed model that is less expensive. Available on-line and at the usual retail outlets.


Cuisinart 4 Cup Chopper/Grinder. Inexpensive, small, compact and portable, fits on a shelf. Quickly chops or grinds food into desired level of fine pieces. Can turn nuts into nut flour or nut butter. Good for: nuts, vegetables, meat, ginger root, citrus zest. Can puree. Package states that all materials that come in contact with food are BPA-free.

Double Boilers and Steamers

3 quart double boiler with steamer insert by Tramontina. 18/10 stainless steel, 4 piece set: bottom pot, double boiler, steamer insert and see through cover. Great for heating the milk for yogurt or steaming vegetables. A very versatile pot. Available on-line at http://www.walmart.com/ip/Tramontina-Style-4-Piece-3-Quart-Steamer-Double-Boiler/19581122#Specifications. Handy and versatile. 5 star reviews. Price range $31.


Excaliber 9 tray - You might want to wait a while for this item as it is expensive; however, it is so versatile that Marilyn has two of them. The nine trays are great for making your own SCD crackers and beef or turkey jerky. Remove the trays and it is the "set it and forget it" yogurt maker with a large capacity. One Excaliber 9 tray can make 8 quarts (nearly 8 liters) of yogurt at a time because the dehydrator can hold up to four - 2 quart containers. Marilyn posts that she sets the temperature at 105 degrees F. and that is it. The dehydrator temperature does not have to be monitored.

Spiral Vegetable Slicer

World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer. Under $40 on Amazon.com. Great for making zucchini noodles for those that miss twirling their food on a fork.

Electric Yogurt Makers

The most popular yogurt maker on the post is the Yogourmet yogurt maker that can be purchased from Lucy's Kitchen Shop. http://www.lucyskitchenshop.com/ The key feature of this yogurt maker is that it does not have a timer so it is suitable for a 24 hours plus run. The Yogourmet can process 2 quarts (2 liters) at a time.

The heating element is on the sides. Water is placed between the inner and outer containers. A good way to use this yogurt maker is to leave the outer cover off, put your stick thermometer in between the inner and outer containers (measuring the water temperature) and use a lamp dimmer to adjust as necessary. Once you use this once or twice, you will know just how to set it. A lamp dimmer can be purchased at any local hardware store or http://www.digestivewellness.com

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