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SCD Cookbooks

We suggest that you start by reviewing your own recipes and see if they can be adapted to SCD by substituting or omitting a few ingredients.

There are many excellent cookbooks for SCD and also recipes abound on the internet. Many recipes can be adapted to be SCD legal by substituting ingredients.

Always bear in mind that the SCD cookbooks are for SCDieters who are advanced. Beginners are especially cautioned that they may not be ready for some of the foods in these cookbooks. Some of the foods are only for advanced SCD persons who have had considerable healing.

Also, remember that there are no SCD police. Just because someone wrote that a food is SCD allowed does not always mean that it is. Use your judgement. When in doubt, consult the BTVC book or the legal/illegal list on the BTVC website.

Another beginner requirement. Before cooking any recipe, each ingredient must be separately tested by the SCDieters to be sure that it is well tolerated. This makes it slow in the beginning but will be easier as time goes by.

For a quick reference to allowable and unallowable foods on SCD ("legal/illegal") use:


Popular SCD Cookbooks

Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall - The last half of the book is SCD recipes.>

Eat Well Feel Well by Kendall Conrad>

Healing Foods by Sandra Ramacher>

Lucy's Specific Carbohydrate Cookbook>

Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Raman Prasad>

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon is not an SCD recipe book but it has so much food wisdom and wonderful recipes that those on SCD use it as a reference and a cookbook, substituting ingredients where necessary to comply with SCD.

The Grain Free Gourmet by Jodi Bager & Jenny Lass Not an SCD recipe book so adjustments may be needed. Carol F. says that Elaine knew the co authors and approved the book.

SCD Recipe Websites


[3] - sugar free, grain free, dairy free but not formally SCD so substitutions may be necessary.

SCD Websites

[4] - The official website of Breaking the Vicious Cycle.

[5] - An excellent source of information on SCD and related topics. Focus is on children with digestive problems and autism.

[6] - Source of SCD information begun by Gay Bauer. Includes lists of SCD physicians

[7] - Canadian site with information on digestive illness. Upper Canada Lower Bowel Society

SCD Groups

[8] - Yahoo group USA based for the SCD diet.
[9] - Yahoo group for digestive issues other than the SCDiet.

[10] - SCD website for Australia and New Zealand

[11] - Yahoo group for SCD in Australia and New Zealand

SCD Supplies

[12] - Food products that are SCD compliant, dimmers to control yogurt makers, SCD permissible jams, etc.
[13] - Probiotics, etc.
[14] - A telephone site 888-484-2126 or
[15] to order on line. - SCD supplies, yogurt maker, SCD allowable yogurt starter, almond flour, BTVC book, etc.
[16] - E-lyte balanced electrolyte concentrate - sugar and starch free
[17] - Vitamins that are suitable for those on SCD.
[18] - Source of Nutricology and Kirkman brand S. boulardii and other probiotics - source of Nutricology s. boulardii - ships cold.
[19] - Source of nuts
[20] - Yogurt makers and yogurt starter packets. <p>

SCD Blogs

Patrick [21]
Paul [22]
Jill [23]

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