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Bananas are a very versatile food and a main stay for those on SCD. The original diet developed by Dr. Haas prescribed so many bananas that his diet was known as "the banana diet."

Bananas are a satisfying and tasty ingredient in smoothies, baking and desserts. Bananas are an easy item to take along for a snack or with lunch. Bananas are the one fruit that can be eaten raw right from the start. While uncooked is okay, it is very important that all bananas be ripe when eaten. Ripe means that the skin is well speckled with brown and there is no green on the skin.

Buy bananas often. With a few bunches in the house, some bananas in the house will always be sufficiently ripe. If too many seem to be getting ripe at one time, put the bananas in the refrigerator. The skins may turn dark but the banana inside will be fine.

There are some types of bananas where the skins are very green in the store, never turn yellow and do not speckle. You will have to learn from experience to determine the signs that these bananas are fully ripe.

Ripeness is important as it means that more of the starch has turned to sugar.

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